New Line Up
FDK Introduces Low Profile SMD 1/8 Brick Converters
Regulated 12V, 6V, 5V and 3.3V outputs for 48V input applications

Aug. 22. 2012
FDK Introduces 24V Input, Positive to Negative Voltage Converters

Oct. 28. 2011
FDK Introduces 24V Input POL Converter

Oct. 21. 2011
FDK Introduces Non Isolated Converters able to run in parallel

Oct. 21. 2011

Power Supplies Hybrid Modules
·DC-DC Converters NEW
·Switching Power Supply
·Hybrid Module for LCDs
·Hybrid Module for PDPs
Electronic Components Random Number Generator
·Electronic Materials
·Transformer for Back Light
·Ferrite Cores
·Ferrite Sheets
·Physical Random Number Generator
Network Devices Batteries
·Optical Isolator
·Variable optical attenuators
·Optical splitters
·Multilayer Inductor
·Alkaline Batteries
·Alkaline Button Cells
·Lithium Batteries
·Ni-MH Batteries